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Combining immersive, multimedia online modules with real-time, at-the-bedside supervisor feedback, Osler accelerates your journey to independent practice.   Read more....


Capture all your procedural data right where you need to...at the bedside.  Track your activity, outcomes and complications, and benchmark them against your peers globally.  Read more...



Build a digital portfolio of your skills as you acquire and refresh your procedural certifications.  Demonstrating what you're capable of has never been easier.  Read more...


“This program provides me with the ability to evaluate my own performance, check for areas of weakness, and educate myself…all in real time and on the go.  That’s invaluable for a trainee.  I can then focus my efforts on areas where I can improve the most.”

Grayson Armstrong, Medical Student, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


“Osler is the future of acute care medicine”

Dr Chris Farmer, past president Society of Critical Care Medicine


“I am supporting Osler because the platform allows an interactive, reflective and accurate record of my and our trainees development"

Dr Jeremy Fernando, Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Australia



“I'm supporting Osler because I see first hand the lessons we’ve learnt from Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Osler looks to take health to the next step, with ongoing review and credentialing of our procedures and skills, just like our pilots.”

Dr Chris Edwards, Emergency Medicine and Prehospital / Retrieval Trainee


“Osler is an exciting and powerful platform that, amongst other things, will enable me to record and interrogate my procedural experience, facilitate workplace-based evaluation of my skills, safely store details of my successes as well as identify personal targets for improvement, for the betterment of myself and for the good of my patients.” 

Dr Nihal Kumta, Anesthesia Trainee

He who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.
— Sir William Osler
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