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Osler is proud to partner with to provide this unique opportunity to junior doctors across the globe. 

When you subscribe to Osler's Clinical Portfolio Premium Edition, Osler will donate $60 to onthewards.  Every dollar donated goes back into the development of new resources to support medical students and junior doctors.

As an extra benefit, your first year's subscription will set you back just $240!  That's a massive 1/3 off the standard price!

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"The most useful thing about Osler is the learning side - it is good to have the modules that clearly show and demonstrate the equipment required, technique, and reasoning behind procedures in a nice, step-by-step format which has more credibility and Australian-focus compared to other online Youtube videos and the like.

The videos showing what to do are really useful. It's also good when you log a procedure to have the checklist, because it really jogs your memory of things you missed, and the proper way to do things so you aren't going down the garden path and making mistakes again and again."

Dr Tom Blackall, Junior Doctor

Your onthewards-Osler subscription includes :

  • Full access to Osler Training platforms, including procedural modules, journal reviews and theory modules

  • Cloud-based, mobile enabled logbook to record all your procedures and interesting patients

  • An interactive diary for your Continuing Professional Development

  • A personalised Performance Development Plan

  • A range of CPD tools to assist your professional growth

  • Access to a global community of your peers to collaborate, share information and source answers

  • A professional profile of your skills, education and training

  • Enterprise grade analytic tools to help you truly understand your performance

The standard price for a 12 month Osler Premium subscription is $360.  Subscribers to Osler through this unique offer will pay just $240 for their first year's subscription.

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Check out this recently released module. Based on real world scenarios, this module replicates a common urgent situation you might encounter “on the wards”.

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