Staying up-to-date can be difficult.  That's why Osler is making it easy.

Staying abreast of the latest literature is traditionally very difficult for most practicing clinicians.

There is a seemingly endless array of journals and papers, some of which may or may not be relevant.  For the hardworking clinical staff performing day to day care for patients, it’s almost impossible to detect signal from noise.

Busy clinical staff just like you tell us they just don’t have time to review all the relevant literature – what they need is a brief review that highlights the key points, in an engaging, interactive and tailored format.

Osler is here to help.  Our recently launched Journal Module series review the most important literature in your specialty’s landscape.  Designed for clinicians with only limited time, the reviews give you the background, a brief overview of the trial, and how it applies in your daily practice.  Break out slides enable you to explore more detail if you wish.

And best of all, all the activity you perform can be captured so you can easily update your CPD program with your efforts.


If you'd like to try one of our Journal Review Modules, you can do so here



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