Features Overview

Osler provides structure to your development, and is designed specifically to help you succeed in a busy, chaotic clinical environment. 

By providing you with a framework for you to follow as you learn new skills and procedures, Osler can fast-track your progress to independent practice.  Osler helps you capture vital information about your performance, the feedback you receive from peers and supervisors, and how you compare with your cohort globally, so you can maximise your progress.

Experienced clinicians can monitor their ongoing activity and outcomes, benchmark themselves and refresh their skills regularly.

The certifications you gain and maintain for procedures and skills help you build a portfolio you can take with you wherever you go in the healthcare system.

To see a catalogue of our current courses and modules,  click here .

To see a catalogue of our current courses and modules, click here.

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Combining immersive, multimedia online modules with real-time, at-the-bedside supervisor feedback, Osler accelerates your journey to independent practice.   



Build a digital portfolio of your skills as you acquire and refresh your procedural certifications.  Demonstrating what you're capable of has never been easier.

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Log Book

Capture all your procedural data right where you need to...at the bedside.  Track your activity, outcomes and complications for over 150 different procedures.

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Osler's powerful integrated analytics allow you to process your performance data like never before, and benchmark your data globally.



Based on a global, professional social media platform, Osler is bringing clinicians from around the world together to keep our patients safer.

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