Osler Departmental Supervisor License


Osler Departmental Supervisor License


Osler Supervisor Licenses allow your hospital to manage the training needs of your junior staff who are members of the Osler Community.

As Osler subscription agreements are with individuals, individual users will need to register through this platform.

Please do not use register through this gateway unless you have an invoice for a departmental subscription to Osler. Contact info@oslertechnology.com for more information

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Osler Administration Licenses will enable you to :

  • Access a standard set of reports and dashboards for aggregated unit data

  • Complete assessment forms for junior staff as part of Osler procedural certification

  • View competency status of junior staff

  • Validate user-defined self-certifications

  • Define a curriculum for junior staff to follow

  • Create a community group to facilitate workplace communication

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