CT Chest quiz 1


A 72 year old man presents to the emergency department with acute chest and back pain.

The following CT is taken.

  1. What is the pathology?
  2. What complications of this pathology are present?


The CT angiogram demonstrates a Type A aortic dissection involving the entire thoracic aorta and extending to approximately 3 cm below the renal arteries with a visual estimate of >90% occlusion of the affected abdominal aorta.

A number of complications are present :

  • The left renal artery is completely occluded, and the left kidney is not perfused
  • Large haemopericardium is present.

  • The superior mesenteric artery is partially occluded.

Importantly, the left common carotid, left subclavian and brachiocephalic tracts are all patent.


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