AMSA Special!

Osler is delighted to partner with the Australian Medical Students Association to provide this amazing offer.  Subscribe to the Osler Clinical Portfolio Premium Edition (rrp $360) for just $50!

Osler is like a passport for your medical career, helping document your experience and skills, allowing you to achieve your objectives faster.  Osler helps you learn new procedures, capture feedback from peers, supervisors and patients, earn verifiable certifications and log all your career activity.

Osler's award winning interactive ALS online simulation

Osler's award winning interactive ALS online simulation


Osler helps you develop the skills you need to succeed on the wards.  With over 30 procedural training pathways, Osler provides a structured approach to your learning.  High quality online modules give you the basics, anywhere, anytime.  When you begin observed practice, you can invite any supervisor to provide you with structured, objective feedback.  When you've completed the pathway, you can add verifiable certifications to your portfolio.

"The most useful thing about Osler is the learning side - it is good to have the modules that clearly show and demonstrate the equipment required, technique, and reasoning behind procedures in a nice, step-by-step format which has more credibility and Australian-focus compared to other online Youtube videos and the like.

The videos showing what to do are really useful. It's also good when you log a procedure to have the checklist, because it really jogs your memory of things you missed, and the proper way to do things so you aren't going down the garden path and making mistakes again and again."

Tom Blackall, Medical Student

Osler's highly secure, cloud-based app

Osler's highly secure, cloud-based app


Capture all your clinical activity in our cloud-based, mobile enabled logbook.  You can record interesting patients, all your procedures and any additional learning you undertake.

You can interrogate this data in your reports and dashboards, and use your portfolio to demonstrate your skills whenever you need to.

Osler is the ideal "CPD Home" that all junior doctors will need post graduation - read more here

Osler Community helps you connect to members across the world

Osler Community helps you connect to members across the world


The Osler Community is as diverse as it is vast.  With members from all specialties, streams and experience levels, spread across 5 continents, you'll soon find someone just like you.

Share messages, spread information, seek advice or ask a question in Osler Community.


AMSA Offer

AMSA members can access the full set of Osler Clinical Portfolio features for just $50 - that's just 50% of the standard medical student fee, and 13% of the post-graduate fee!

Features include :

  • Full access to all Osler procedural learning pathways
  • Logbook of patients, procedures and CPD activities
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • A bank of data interpretation questions, including blood gases, pathology, radiology and equipment
  • A network of Osler Community users across the globe
  • Your personal career development plan, and
  • A range of theory and literature modules
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